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10 Reasons to Hire a Doula 

1. They can help you have a better birth experience. Having someone to support you, and your partner plays a huge role in the overall experience of your birth. While your partner may be able to provide support, they support you in a different way than someone who is a trained professional ! 

2. Increases your partners emotional availability to you! With the help of a doula, partners are able to focus more on your emotional needs, leaving physical adjustments to the doula. This also allows for your partner to rejuvenate when needed - coffee, bathroom breaks - without feeling like they are leaving you alone.

3. Decreases the pressure of the partner. Like I already mentioned, the partner does not feel guilty for taking a small break to regroup and refresh. 

4. Hiring a doula decreases your chances of medical interventions, whether that be pain medications, c-sections or otherwise. How great is that! 

5. Doulas are able to provide suggestions for different coping methods through labour that perhaps your partner, or other members of the birthing team are not accustomed to.

6. Breastfeeding! Breastfeeding can be hard & painful- but it shouldn't be! Initiating a good latch, and correct positioning are just a few things your doula can help you out with.

7. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Doulas provide support around the clock to make you feel at ease with whatever it may be you're feeling nervous/anxious about. 

8. Having your voice heard. A doula can help you to advocate for yourself, and make sure you are receiving the treatments/procedures that were apart of your birthing plan - they are there to empower YOU! 

9. Availability. A doula can promise to be there, whereas a friend or family member may have another commitment arise. If you are going into labour by yourself, for unforeseen reasons, a doula can provide you with the support you deserve and require. 

10. Cheer. Cheer. Cheer ! Sometimes you just need someone in your end to cheer you on and convince you that you were made to do this!