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Honduran Experience 

I recently returned from an unbelievable experience abroad in Honduras. There, I had the privilege of working in 2 different hospitals, and was able to support 22 women through their labour & birth, as well as support countless other women through various stages of their labour.

Birth in Honduras is quite different than here in Canada. Women are all put into the same room while labouring, until the last second when they begin to crown. They are not allowed to have any family or friends come with them, past the admissions room. As a result, the work of a Doula is therefore imperative, and extremely appreciative.

Spanish is the primary language in Honduras, and very little of the population knows English. This therefore put a twist on the ways I was able to support these women; and it taught me a lot. The ability to hold space, and just be there for someone, is worth more than I can put into words. The women of Honduras were so extremely grateful to have someone there to be with them, so that they weren’t facing this new experience alone. Majority of my support stemmed from holding hands, making eye contact, and giving them the strength and courage to endure child birth. Despite the fact that I couldn’t verbally communicate with these women, the connections I made emotionally with them, is something I will cherish forever.

The on going support I received from my family & friends, before and during my stay in Honduras contributed largely to my success while there. I was able to take numerous stress balls, washcloths, peanut balls, baby clothing, amongst other medical supplies, which helped me support these women. Without the support from others, I would have been lacking essential tools to help make this experience a positive one - so THANK YOU!

Now that I am back in Canada, my birth cup is full, and I am more than ready to serve my community through their pregnancy journey! Contact me today to set up a FREE prenatal visit, and learn how a Doula can support you!

Psst: two of the pictures above are from my trip!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Oct 15, 2018

Swaddling 101

Watch this quick video to get a rabbit speed overview of how to swaddle your new bundle! Featured is my favourite baby Millie! Check back for more awesome fun clips