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Fertility Support 

As a fertility support doula, I provide assistance in family planning, fertility treatment support, lifestyle balance,  & lifestyle outcome

  • This journey is about providing you with the proper knowledge to take charge of your own fertility with power and confidence! 

Packages & Pricing 

Cycle Charting

$35/mnth~2mnth minimum, online support & coaching 

Cycle charting allows you to be aware of your body, wether it's with the intention to conceive or not. Charting provides insight to your lifestyle habits and can help suggest positive change when planning for your future

Beginners Package

2months of support 

$300~3 in person visits, online support, cycle charting  & coaching

The beginner package may be geared toward you if you are experiencing difficultly conceiving, going through fertility treatments,  or are wondering about next steps in your fertility journey

Long Term Charting

6months of charting 

$185~ online support & coaching

Long term charting provides insight to your cycles habits, symptoms and responses to changes in everyday life such as stress and mood. It can be apart of family planning or natural prevention and can help identify required lifestyle changes

Long Term Support

$30/hr (package deals available) 

Additional emotional support is sometimes required to help you process your journey, as well as be apart of clinical appointments/procedures. As your fertility support doula I will help prepare you for appointments, attend if desired, and provide any additional support you require